About us

We are a professional supplier for high-quality seafood throughout the global world. With years of experience and strength in global seafood operation, we receiving raw material directly from SNP and main supplier from Alaska to ensure our company’s long-term and stable raw material supply, to maintain the price advantage of our raw material all the time, to learn industry development timely and to ensure our company’s correct strategic plan.

All species squid, main fish fillet, seasoned value products. Rich and various product variety ensures comprehensive development of our products. We mainly cooperate with large seafood wholesalers and international well-known chained supermarkets. Our products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia.

R &D team

We emphasizes scientific and technological research and development and persists in leading the industrial development with scientific research. It has successively engaged R & D technical consultants from such countries and regions as Japan, Taiwan, etc. and established a close cooperative relation with such domestic and foreign renowned colleges and universities.

System & stability

We established the whole process product quality tracking system, passed the ISO9001, HACCP, BRC, FDA,IFS,MSC,BSCI. Constantly improving the quality management system development of whole industry chain from raw material to finished products, formulating quality management standard for every link and paying attention to every step with all our heart to supply safe and high-quality ocean products to our customers.


We provide the highest quality of service and products to all of our customers.Each customer has a unique set of requirements,challenges and needs,and it's our business to ensure that they're all met with the most efficient and cost effective means possible. We know that every improvement we make to our business will be a direct benefit to theirs.




Contact: Janet Du


E-mail: dl-sales1@donglinseafoods.cn

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